Fertilizer, Lime and Landplaster Regulatory Program

All fertilizer, lime and landplaster sold and distributed in the State of South Carolina falls under the Laws and Regulations established in the South Carolina Fertilizer Law of 1954 & SC Code of Regulations Chapter 27-174 through 27-185. This program is the responsibility of Clemson's Department of Fertilizer Regulatory and Certification Services. Use the below links to access more information pertaining to Registration, Licenses and Tonnage.

License & Permits

Any person or company desiring to become a distributor of a fertilizer, lime or landplaster in South Carolina must apply for a permit.

New Fertilizer Licenses are $100. Fertilizer License renewal fees are based on last year's tonnage amounts; (0-5,000 tons,$100; 5,001-25,000 tons,$200; > 25,000 tons,$400).

Lime and Landplaster licenses cost $20 annually with licenses ending on June 30.

You have the choice to obtain a license online or by paper/mail. Use the following options:


All Fertilizer, Landplaster and Lime products distributed in SC are subject to a tonnage inspection fee based on the following fee schedule:

  • Fertilizer $1.50 per ton
  • Lime/Landplaster $0.50 per ton
  • Soil Amendments: $1.00 per ton

By law, you will file quarterly (September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30) tonnage reports including the number or net tongs of each product distributed in the state during each quarter. The report is due within 30 days following each quarter.

Tonnage reports shall be accompanied by a payment of the inspection fee (at left) per ton. This can be done online or by paper/mail:

Product Registration

Each company guaranteeing commercial fertilizer offered for sale, sold, or distributed in South Carolina must be registered with the Department of FRCS. Application for registration must be submitted annually using the paper form or online using the Kelly Registration Service below. The application must be accompanied by an annual registration fee. Annual registration fees are based on the following fee schedule:

Fertilizer: Based on last year's tonnage

  • 0-5,000 tons  $100
  • 5,001-25,000 tons $200
  • >  25,000 tons $400 

*If your product is sold in packages of 10lbs or less (“Specialty Products”), there is an additional $60 product fee in lieu of the inspection fee 

Lime: $20 per product fee

Soil Amendments: $100 per product

Additional information about registering products:

  • A label must accompany all products. For labeling help, refer to the  AAPFCO labeling guidelines for assistance.
  • You may be asked to provide efficacy data as proof of claims made on any product prior to registration approval.

You have the choice to register products online or by paper/mail. Use the following options: