Seed Certification Application Deadlines and Fees

Dates applications are to be filed -

March 1st - Sweet potatoes, Rye, Rice

April 15th - Small Grains

July 15th - Peanuts

September 1st - Soybeans

Fee Schedule

Farm Fee: $50.00 (This may apply on more than one crop on the same farm only if inspection of the different crops can be made on one trip.)

Acreage Fees: 

Soybeans, Small grains, Peanuts, Rice               $1.50 per acre for the first 100 acres and 70 cents per acre for each acre over 100

Sweet potato                                                    $7.00 per acre

Tobacco                                                           $5.00 per acre

Turfgrass                                                        $6.50 per acre

Late Fees:   With applications more than 15 days late, add an additional $100.00.

Conditioner Fee:                                            $125.00

Reinspection Fee:                                          $100.00

Tag Fees: 

Pressure Sensitive                                  15 cents plus shipping

Sew-On                                                       12 cents plus shipping