Only an authorized representative may complete the certificates. The name of the authorized representative must be on file at the FSCS office. Certificates must be complete in order to be valid.
A properly completed certificate must accompany each delivery of certified grass. The original (white) to buyer (attached to invoice or bill of lading), pink to FSCS office (mail weekly) and yellow retained in the book. A new certificate must be issued for each shipment – do not show multiple shipments on a certificate.

Kind - Bermuda, Fescue, Centipede, Zoysia, etc.
Variety - Tifway (419), Tifdwarf, TifSport, etc.
Lot Number (optional) - a unique identifier for a production unit or shipment. This will normally incorporate the harvest date and field number, thus making it specific to a given area and quantity of grass. Example: lot no. CSF-071503-S02 might be given to sod harvested by Clemson Sod Farm on July 15, 2003 from Field # 2 on the Simpson Farm.
Sprigs - Record the amount of sprigs (bushels) shipped.
Sod - Record the square feet shipped.
Bill of Lading/Invoice # - This is an invoice number that can be referenced to the purchaser of the shipment.
Field # - The field number references the harvested grass to the production field. The field number must be the same as on the certification application and field inspection report.
Harvest Date - Record the date the grass was harvested.
Grower Name and Address - Record the production company name and address. Use of a stamp is acceptable if it shows on all copies.