Former Clemson students returning to continue their studies, as well as individuals who wish to attend Clemson in a status other than traditional, degree-seeking can apply under the following:

Employee Tuition Assistance Program

Clemson faculty and full-time staff enrolling in classes may qualify for the Employee Tuition Assistance Program (ETAP). The ETAP provides a 100-percent waiver for graduate and undergraduate education courses for up to six (6) credit hours per academic term to vested employees. Academic terms are considered fall, spring, and summer.

The program benefit covers 100 percent of all mandatory academic fees, activity/program fees, differential fees, and lab fees for up to six (6) hours per academic term; books, supplies or other non-academic fees will be the faculty or staff member’s responsibility. Faculty and staff members are also responsible for the cost of tuition over and above six (6) credit hours per semester. Check the ETAP program scope and qualifying criteria published by Human Resources.