Student Registration Information

iROAR Student System

iROAR is where students add and drop classes, plan schedules, check grades, view registration holds and apply for graduation. If you experience technical issues, please try another browser. If the error persists, send a screen shot of the error to

What classes does Clemson offer?

See the Clemson Class Schedule. You can also view syllabi and instructor files for classes—current and past offerings—in the Syllabus Repository.

When can I register?

Early registration for summer and fall terms begins April 8, 2024 . Your specific registration Time Ticket is based on earned hours plus the hours you are currently enrolled in—time tickets are assigned April 1. Undergraduates must receive a registration PIN from their advisor to access iROAR registration. See detailed information for Course Registration and Registration Plans in the FAQ.

Why do I get registration errors in iROAR?

Errors pop up in iROAR if you do not meet the requirements or restrictions set for a particular course. See iROAR errors and overrides in the Registration Checklist.

Most errors require an override. Override requests should be made to the Instructor or the Registration Coordinator for the course.

When and how do I pay my tuition charges?

Tuition payments are made in iROAR and due by the posted deadlines or you may incur a $150 late fee and schedule cancellation—you are responsible for rebuilding your schedule in iROAR. You are not guaranteed re-enrollment in any of your dropped classes. Billing and payment information is published by Student Financial Services. They can assist you with any questions or concerns.

What if I need help?

Refer to Course Registration and Registration Plans in the FAQ. More detailed instruction is available in Student Training Materials.

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