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Dean of Students

University Support

If you or someone you are supporting is in immediate danger or feel unsafe, call 9-1-1 or the Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222.

Clemson University is committed to fostering an environment free of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, gender-based harassment and bullying, stalking, and other forms of interpersonal violence.

  • Student Health Services

    Student Health Services

    • Located in Redfern Medical Center, this department provides quality medical and mental health care, public health leadership and initiatives that enhance the academic success of students while also promoting health, safety and well-being of the campus community.

    • The Women’s Clinic

      The Women's Clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner and board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who specializes in women’s health. A wide range of gynecological services are offered to help you build the foundations of good health habits.

    • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

      Department offers personal counseling, psychological testing, outreach and consultation. Referral points: Emotional distress, need for emotional support, mental health concerns or questions.

    • CU CARES

      CU CARES is a CAPS program that provides services for survivors of trauma. The program provides both individual and group counseling services by providers specialized in trauma treatment. Interventions are evidenced based and specifically target trauma and its impact.

    • CU Guardian (Rave Guardian)

      The Rave Guardian App is available to help keep you safe on campus. With direct connections to campus safety, family, friends, and others you trust, you can feel safe anytime, knowing your Guardians are watching out for you.

    • Reporting

      To file a university report, please click above.

  • Clemson University Police Department

    Clemson University Police Department

    Department provides a safe and secure living, working and learning environment for Clemson University.

    For EMERGENCIES dial 911

    124 Ravenel Center Pl
    Seneca, SC 29678
    Phone: 864-656-2222
    For a list of specific contacts, please visit the Clemsno University Police Department contact page.
  • Office of Access and Equity

    Office of Access and Equity

    Department focuses on providing a campus environment that is free from discrimination of any sorts. The Office of Access and Equity is also responsible for the University's Title IX response, implementing policies and procedures to prevent and address sexual harassment and other forms of sex discrimination, in compliance with the federal Title IX law.

    • Title IX Coordinator

      Title IX coordinator(s) play a critical role in helping a school ensure that every person affected by its operations, including faculty, staff and students, is aware of their legal rights under Title IX and that the school and all of its employees, through its policies, procedures and practices, complies with its legal obligations.

  • Office of Community and Ethical Standards

    Office of Community and Ethical Standards

    Department manages/oversees all student discipline/conduct situations. Referral points: Harassment, commuter roommate issues, mental and self-harm concern—will mandate.

  • Office of Advocacy and Success

    Office of Advocacy and Success

    The Office of Advocacy and Success at Clemson University works to inspire an individual sense of belonging, student success, and retention. We partner with students, their families, campus and community partners, faculty, and staff to empower our students to achieve academic and personal success and to build resilience.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Department provides access to confidential counseling services for faculty and staff through Clemson’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, ComPsych.


Clemson Interpersonal Violence Response
Interpersonal Violence Response
Interpersonal Violence Response | 307 Sirrine Hall, 515 Calhoun Drive, Clemson, SC 29634