Academic Eligibility

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Academic Eligibility is the status that determines whether a student can remain enrolled.
Several mechanisms are in place to promote academic progress, including the following
policies. Follow this link for policy examples.

Academic Alert

Students who earn a semester grade-point ratio below 1.5, regardless of their cumulative grade-point ratio, will be placed on academic alert. Evaluation of Academic Alert will occur on a semester-by-semester basis. If a student's earned semester GPA is below a 1.5, that student will be placed on Academic Alert and his/her grade report will be sent to his/her adviser. This alert will not show on the student's transcript, nor will any notification be sent to the student's mailing address. This alert is for advisers to use to help a student before the student's academic record is adversely affected to the point where the student cannot graduate in a reasonable length of time. A student will be placed on alert even if the student's cumulative GPA is above a 2.0. Note: Students on Academic Alert in their second consecutive semester of probation will be suspended for the subsequent semester.

Academic Probation

If a student is on academic probation (i.e. his/her cumulative GPA is below a 2.0), that student's grade record will be evaluated at the end of each semester unless otherwise indicated. Students who fail to meet academic eligibility criteria will be subject to suspension or dismissal.

Academic Suspension

Students on probation are subject to suspension at the end of each semester if they do not meet the academic eligibility criteriaWith the exception of students on Academic Alert their second semester, students entering Clemson for the first time will not be subject to suspension until they have attempted coursework at Clemson for three semesters, excluding summer terms. Suspended students are ineligible to enroll in classes for the regular academic semester (fall or spring) immediately following the decision to suspend. Suspension is for one semester only, and the student is eligible for readmission the following term. Learn about the appeals process to avoid being suspended.

Academic Dismissal

Students reenrolling after a suspension are subject to dismissal at the end of the semester (fall or spring) in which they did not meet the academic eligibility criteria. Readmission after dismissal is by appeal only, after at least one calendar year has elapsed. If Dismissals are for one calendar year and readmission is by appeal only. If the appeal is denied, the student may file subsequent appeals for readmission after an intervening term. Dismissed students who are readmitted and again fail to meet the requirements for academic eligibility will be permanently dismissed. Permanent dismissal may not be appealed. Learn about the appeals process to avoid being suspended.

Academic Renewal

If a student has not been enrolled at Clemson University for two or more years and does not wish to have his/her poor academic record be a liability against him/her, that student may apply for readmission under special conditions known as academic renewal. Learn about the appeals process to apply for academic renewal. Note: Academic Renewal can only be applied once.

FERPA Rights for Students

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Undergraduate Studies is prohibited from disclosing the student's academic record to third parties, including parents. If the student wants access granted to a third party, then the student must contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 864-656-3022 to receive information on how to process a release form. NOTE: This waiver is for Undergraduate Studies' use only, it will not apply to other departments on campus. More information on the FERPA law.

Attention Student Athletes:
Please note that there is a difference between Academic Eligibility and Athletic Eligibility. Please visit the Nieri Center.