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Award for Excellence

The Board of Trustees is proud to recognize the achievements and contributions of Clemson University’s faculty and staff. The purpose of the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence is to identify and acknowledge faculty and staff whose vision, accomplishments, and efforts have brought honor to Clemson University. 

  • 2017 Faculty Awards Winners
    • Fadi Abu-Farha
      Fadi Abu-Farha

      2016 Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award

    • Peter Adler
      Peter Adler

      High Achievement in Scholarship

    • CC Bates
      CC Bates

      Excellence in Sponsored Program Funding in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, 2013-2017

    • David Blakesley
      David Blakesley

      Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Fellow and 2016 George E. Yoos Distinguished Service Award

    • Saara DeWalt
      Saara DeWalt

      Top Publication

    • Feng Ding
      Feng Ding

      Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

    • Rachel Getman
      Rachel Getman

      Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

    • Eileen Kreamer
      Eileen Kraemer

      2016 Cloud International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) Faculty Award

    • Robin Kowalski
      Robin Kowalski

      American Psychological Association (APA) Fellow

    • Jim Martin
      Jim Martin

      2017 Cloud International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) Faculty Award

    • Joe Mazer
      Joe Mazer

      High Achievement in Scholarship

    • Bert McCarty
      Bert McCarty

      American Society of Agronomy (ASA) and Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) Fellow and Fred V. Grau Award

    • Matt Macauley
      Matt Macauley

      Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians from Simons Foundation

    • Laine Mears
      Laine Mears

      American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Fellow

    • Maribel Morey
      Maribel Morey

      Andrew Carnegie Fellow

    • Eric A. Morris
      Eric A. Morris

      2016 Charley V. Wootan Award

    • Marisa Orr
      Marisa Orr

      Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

    • Richard Chong Pak
      Richard Chong Pak

      American Psychological Association (APA) Fellow

    • Brandon E. Ross
      Brandon E. Ross

      Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

    • Wayne A. Sarasua
      Wayne A. Sarasua

      2016 Wilbur S. Smith Distinguished Transportation Educator Award

    • Sapna Sarupria
      Sapna Sarupria

      American Chemical Society (ACS) 2016 Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in Computational Chemistry

    • Andy G. Tennyson
      Andy G. Tennyson

      Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

    • Jason Thatcher
      Jason Thatcher

      Excellence in National Academic Leadership

    • Victor J. Vitanza
      Victor J. Vitanza

      Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Fellow

    • Naren Vyavahare
      Naren Vyavahare

      Excellence in Sponsored Program Expenditures, 2013-2017

  • 2017 Staff Awards Winners
    • Christine Babb
      Christine Babb

      Clemson Family

    • Roberta Balliet
      Roberta Balliet

      Tiger Teammate

    • Laura Blakely
      Laura Blakely

      Clemson Family

    • June Carroll
      June Brock Carroll

      The Will to Lead

    • Charles Cook
      Charles Cook

      Clemson Family

    • Beth Crocker
      Beth Crocker

      National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association's Above and Beyond Partnership Award

    • Leslie Doss
      Leslie Doss

      Clemson Family

    • Joe Dodson
      Joe Dodson

      Tiger Teammate

    • Karon Donald
      Karon Donald

      The Will to Lead

    • William Edwards
      Billy Edwards

      High Seminary

    • Jorge Luis Fogaca de Carvalho
      Jorge Luis Fogaca de Carvalho

      Heart of the Tiger

    • Jim Kerr
      Jim Kerr

      Tiger Teammate

    • Stephen Lance
      Stephen Lance

      The Will to Lead

    • Chad McMahan
      Chad McMahan

      The Will to Lead

    • Thomas Messervy
      Thomas Messervy


    • Cynthia Mihalchick
      Cynthia Mihalchick

      Clemson Family

    • Counts Morganello
      Kim Counts Morganello

      National Communication Award for Publication

    • Eric Rodgers
      Eric Rodgers


    • Patsy Smith
      Patsy Smith

      High Seminary

    •  Tonyia Stewart
      Tonyia Stewart

      High Seminary

    • Jonathan Tarver
      Jonathan Tarver

      Tiger Teammate

    • Linda Tindal
      Linda Tindal

      Student Choice

    • Kristin Walker
      Kristin Walker

      The Will to Lead

    • Tina White
      Tina White


    • Nora Gail Woods
      Nora Gail Woods

      Tiger Teammate