Clemson Medallion

The Clemson Medallion is the highest honor conferred by Clemson University. This honor recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a long and sustained commitment and significant service to Clemson University.

The award is named in honor of the benefactor of Clemson University, Thomas Green Clemson, an advocate for scientific education and the advancement of agriculture.

Nominations are solicited in odd years and recognition events are hosted in even years.

The Clemson Medallion shall be bestowed only to living individuals. This award is reserved principally for nominees who graduated from Clemson University and others who have cultivated a meaningful relationship with Clemson University.

Selection Process
No later than November 30 of years ending with odd-numbers, the Selection Committee will recommend to the Chair of the Board no more than two (2) candidates they believe meet the high standards to receive the Clemson Medallion. As soon as possible thereafter, the Chair of the Board will review those candidates with the President of Clemson University and affirm the recommended candidate(s). Given the uniquely high privilege of the Clemson Medallion, it is understood that there may be years in which no recipient is selected. Further, the Chair of the Board is under no obligation to select any candidate as a recipient.

Nominations will be accepted again in 2023.

BOT Policy: The Clemson Medallion

Past Recipients

  • 2020

    Beverly (Ben) N. Skardon ‘38
    Allen P. Wood ‘75

  • 2016

    James F. Barker ‘70
    James E. Bostic, Jr. ‘69

  • 2014

    E. Smyth Mckissick III ‘79
    Jerome (Jerry) V. Reel ‘00

  • 2013

    Thomas B. McTeer, Jr. ‘60
    Joseph D. Swann ‘63

  • 2009

    George Bennett ‘55
    Leon J. (Bill) Hendrix ‘63

  • 2000

    Lawrence M. Gressette, Jr. ‘54

  • 1997

    Frank S. Barnes, Jr. ‘42
    Earle E. Morris ‘49

  • 1994

    Warren H. Owen ‘47
    Taze L. Senn ‘39

  • 1992

    George J. Bishop III ‘52
    Wilson C. Wearn ‘41

  • 1991

    Buck Mickel
    R. Roy Pearce ‘41
    Max Lennon

  • 1990

    William G. DesChamps, Jr. ‘38
    Milton W. Holcombe ‘53

  • 1989

    Sherwood E. Liles, Jr. ‘27
    Philip H. Prince ‘49

  • 1988

    George H. Aull ‘19
    Louis P. Batson, Jr. ‘48

  • 1987

    Robert S. Campbell, Jr. ‘37
    Paul W. McAlister ‘41

  • 1986

    C. Calhoun Lemon, Sr.
    Charles R. Wood ‘43

  • 1985

    Robert R. Coker
    James C. Self

  • 1984

    W. Wright Bryan ‘26
    Walter T. Cox ‘39

  • 1983

    J. Wilson Newman ‘31
    Robert C. Edwards ‘33

  • 1982

    Wofford B. Camp ‘16
    Frank J. Howard

  • 1981

    Thomas M. Hunter ‘09
    Frank J. Jervey ‘14
    Senator J. Strom Thurmond ‘23