Woodland Cemetery Update

Clemson University diligently continues to gather detailed information about the African American burial ground in Woodland Cemetery and other parts of the site to make informed decisions about its future operations and the development of a Preservation Plan.

The plan will provide for the preservation and protection of the historic unmarked African American graves, ensure dignity and respect for all who are buried at Woodland, and provide a solemn and respectful place for remembrance.

Currently, Clemson is reviewing requests to place grave markers in burial plots and anticipates working with those families to accommodate their requests following the completion of a map outlining and detailing the African American burial ground. This mapping work is expected to be concluded this summer.

The University continues to consider requests on a case-by-case basis for interment of deceased individuals who are eligible to be buried in Woodland, including requests for interment with a loved one already buried in the cemetery.

As part of the preservation planning process for interments, the University is considering options for those who are or will be eligible to be buried in Woodland. Options may include the construction of columbaria on campus to accommodate cremation urns. Columbarium locations may be available by the end of this year. Accordingly, those with reserved plots or who will be eligible for burial at Woodland may want to have a discussion with family or others about cremation and the additional opportunities for interment at Clemson that cremation can offer.

Clemson University greatly appreciates the patience and understanding of all involved, including the Clemson community, those with loved ones interred at Woodland, and our faculty, staff and retired university employees.

Woodland Cemetery is sacred ground. The people who rest here – in both marked and unmarked graves – are connected to Clemson University’s history. All of them will be honored.

If you have loved ones buried in Woodland Cemetery or have reserved or requested a burial plot, we encourage you to reach out to provide the Board Office with updated contact information. We welcome your questions and thoughts by emailing or calling (864) 656-8719.

More information on the African American Burial Ground and the Woodland Cemetery Historic Preservation project can be found here.