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Bridge participants pay the Bridge program fee, housing fee, housing utility prepayment and TCTC tuition and fees.

Program Fee

The program fee covers academic success programs, health care services, orientation, campus recreation and student activities provided by Clemson and TCTC, as well as program administration and facilities costs. The program fee is $2,500 ($1,450 in the fall semester and $1,050 in the spring semester).

Housing Fee

The utility prepayment and fee for housing includes a bedroom and private bath in a four-bedroom unit as well as utilities, cable and Internet service. The cost for housing in a four-bedroom unit at Highpointe is $8,423 for the academic year ($4,363 for the fall semester and $4,060 for the spring  semester).

TCTC Tuition and Fees

Tri-County tuition and fees are not included in the costs above. TCTC tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year will be set in late spring or early summer. TCTC tuition and fees vary based on residency classification and the number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled. Download current tuition and fees for full-time students. Please visit the TCTC Website for more information. Select “Paying for College" and follow the appropriate links.

Schedule of Fees

The schedule of fees is available at Click on the "Fee Schedule for Bridge Participants" link. All Bridge and TCTC fees are subject to change.

Financial Aid

TCTC processes and awards  all federal and state financial aid during Bridge students' freshman year. Students should complete and submit the  FAFSA (available online at and enter TCTC's federal code-004926.  Students who have already submitted their FAFSA coded to Clemson should log in to their submitted FAFSA form at and add TCTC's federal code.  For additional information regarding financial aid, including deadlines and forms, please visit the TCTC Financial Aid webpage.