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Student Success Programs and Services

New Student Orientation

A comprehensive orientation program for Bridge students and their parents is held before fall classes begin.  At orientation, students learn more about the programs and services offered through the Bridge Program, receive academic advising and register for their fall semester classes.

Academic Advising

Bridge students have access to professional academic advising and are encouraged to participate in the advising programs specifically designed for their needs. Tri-County Technical College academic advisers are knowledgeable about Clemson and Bridge academic requirements. Furthermore, Clemson Bridge Program staff are available to meet with Bridge students throughout their freshman year and to follow up with students after they enroll. Students wishing to enter a closed major should meet with a Clemson adviser for that program or attend designated Bridge to Clemson advising programming during the freshman year at TCTC.

Academic Success Resources

TCTC Bridge students have access to the academic success resources at both TCTC and Clemson. TCTC offers a variety of academic assistance services including tutoring, writing assistance, and academic workshops.Clemson provides a variety of student-centered programs and services including tutoring and academic workshops. Supplemental instruction review sessions, led by upper-class students, are offered at the Bridge Student Success Center and on TCTC’s campus. By combining the resources of both institutions, Bridge students have access to services that can assist them in making a successful transition from high school to college.