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International Management

What is the International Management Emphasis?

Globalization is having a dramatic influence on organizations, prompting them to seek and develop managers with global perspectives and skills. The emphasis area in International Management helps prepare students for careers in an assortment of organizations that are influenced by global considerations, be they government, non-profit or for-profit entities. International experience remains an often-cited consideration by corporate recruiters and is a key aspect of management development in firms with international operations, which often includes expatriate assignments. Thus, the International Management Emphasis is ideally suited for those who seek careers with an international dimension or who aspire to top-level managerial positions.

The International Management emphasis area prepares students to deal with management decisions that will take place across national borders. This emphasis strives to educate Clemson University students on international negotiation tactics while at the same time teaching them appreciation of culture and tradition. Throughout the classes in this emphasis, students will delve into the intricacies of modern international business and determine if they are interested in working in such a field. During my time in this emphasis, I have learned how truly complicated the modern business field is and how dependent each country is upon another. Some classes have delved into the legal aspects of the international business field while others have described the different marketing strategies that one should take in different sections of the world. Through my recent work abroad, I have seen these classes impact the way that I interact with citizens of other nations and allow me to enter business negotiations with relative comfort. In the modern world it is absolutely crucial to be able to enter civil international negotiations, and this emphasis area prepares students admirably. - Alex Di Staulo

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