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Department of Marketing

Master of Science in Marketing

Master of Science in Marketing


The Master of Science in Marketing (M.S. Marketing) degree program advances students' knowledge and expertise in marketing theory and practice. A coordinated curriculum of analytical skills development, consumer analysis and marketing strategy, coupled with real-world marketing applications, prepares students for careers as marketing analysts, managers and researchers in areas such as branding, advertising, promotions, market research, sports marketing, digital marketing and public policy. Upon completing the program, the successful graduate will be able to critically assess and develop solutions to marketing problems through quantitative and qualitative approaches and various marketing and decision-making frameworks. This one-year master's degree is designed to enhance the skills of students who desire to pursue a marketing-related career but may not have formal marketing training.

The M.S. Marketing program strives to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leading marketing graduate program. In doing so, the program seeks to:

  • Provide exceptional graduate education that imparts to our students the necessary skills to successfully pursue their professional aspirations. The program will do so in ways that are experiential, data-driven, and career-focused.
  • Serve as an ongoing resource for our graduates as they become leaders and innovators in their organizations.
  • Work in partnership with organizations (profit and not-for-profit) to make meaningful contributions to the economic and social well-being at the state, national and international levels.
  • Be an ambassador of Clemson University, the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business and the Department of Marketing.

The M.S. Marketing program handbook provides additional information.


For more information about the M.S. Marketing program, please email the program director, Scott Swain, or complete this form. Select Marketing (M.S.) as your intended degree/field of study.

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