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MBA Alumni

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger

Clemson MBA Alumni Association

After graduation you are no longer a student, but you are part of the Clemson Family for life! We would like to extend a welcome to all of our MBA alumni to participate in the programs, events and services offered by the MBA program. Our goal is to establish MBA alumni programs in which our alumni can express ideas and interact with faculty, staff, students and other alumni. Through these activities, the MBA program strives to strengthen ties between the University and its alumni. In addition, we also support and encourage communications and relations with the Clemson University Alumni Association. If you are interested in the Clemson MBA Alumni Association, please contact Julius Kerschinske, President, or Robert Lovegrove, Vice President.

Meet Our MBA Ambassadors

Are you considering a Clemson MBA? Hear about the program first hand from those who have been there. Ask a Clemson Ambassador - we are happy to help.

Ryan PhillipsRyan Phillips

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Graduation Year: 2011
Current Employment: Capital One
Position: Manager, Corporate Development (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Why did you choose the Clemson MBA program? I chose the MBA program for its emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. While the program was a great experience, it has also come a long way since I graduated and I am truly envious of the students there today. I have always had immense respect for Entrepreneurs and while I am currently not in that job category, I hope to be some day down the road.

My favorite MBA course was: Enterprise Development

What made your Clemson MBA experience unique? I had an internship with the Upstate Carolina Angel Network (UCAN) through the majority of my time at Clemson. The MBA program and the internship combined for an overall great experience that significantly contributed to my professional development. I wouldn’t be where I am today without one or the other.

Kiersten CarrollKiersten Carroll

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Graduation Year: 2011
Current Employment: Providence Care
Position: Executive Director of House Calls and Hospice

Why did you choose the Clemson MBA program? When searching for graduate programs, I wanted to find a program that was competitive and offered diverse opportunities in business. It was very important to have a program with professors who had varying degrees of experience in multiple capacities to ensure that the classroom experience seamlessly integrated everyday "real world" business principle.

My favorite MBA course was: Business Law

What made your Clemson MBA experience unique? The networking events made possible by the Clemson MBA program. The First Friday series and social events created invaluable networking opportunities to meet and engage with key players in the business world across varying industries.

Paul MosleyPaul Mosley

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Graduation year: 1993 B.S. Industrial Management - Clemson; 2000 MBA - Clemson
Current Employment: Spartanburg Steel Products
Position: Business Development Manager

Why did you choose the Clemson MBA Program? Convenience and location played a major role in my choosing the Clemson MBA. I was working in Greenville at the time, and I noticed that I could get my MBA with just 10 classes (no prerequisites, as I already had a business degree.) I wanted to complete my MBA early in my career in the event that an opportunity came where it might be highly preferred or required.

My favorite MBA course was: Business Strategy. It was the one class the utilized all of the components of the other classes and pulled everything together. While I didn't particularly enjoy all the evening and weekend work, the discussions with small groups and in class were of immense value.

What made your Clemson MBA experience unique? I'm not sure it is unique to the Clemson MBA, but I enjoyed having a very diverse group of classmates throughout the program. While my career has mostly been spent in manufacturing, the MBA program allowed me to see the challenges and opportunities in many other industries.

Kevin YancarKevin Yancar

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Graduation Year: 2014
Current Employment: Defense Contract Audit Agency (Department of Defense)
Position: Supervisory Auditor

Why did you choose the Clemson MBA program? When I first made the decision to pursue my graduate degree, I looked to Clemson due to my connection to the University. While I did not attend Clemson for my undergraduate studies, I still maintained a connection to Clemson through family and friends and had a personal desire to become a part of the Clemson Family. Ultimately, however, my decision to choose Clemson University was because of the benefits of the program itself. The ability to attend live-session courses in Greenville – close to my work location and residence – with relatively flexible scheduling influenced my decision greatly. Also, the opportunity to study and network alongside other professionals greatly confirmed that Clemson University was the right decision for me.

My favorite MBA course was: MBA 8740 – Managing Continuous Improvement

What made your Clemson MBA experience unique? One of the best qualities of the program is that it provides a platform for students with diverse industry backgrounds to interact as a cohesive unit in a professional setting. The multitude of differing career experiences, both from students and professors alike, affords students the ability to consider a variety of perspectives in decision making.

Yet, aside from being a part of the inaugural graduating class at the Greenville ONE location, I would consider the coursework performed in two of my three elective courses, MGT 8690 – Project Management and MBA 8740 – Managing Continuous Improvement, and the real-time application of the coursework to my daily work functions as the greatest takeaway from the program. While my current profession operates narrowly in a specialized service-based environment, many of the operations management based topics studied correlated with my daily activities and provided a knowledge base which I still apply within my position today.

Get Involved

Contact our MBA Alumni Engagement Managers, Tracy McGee and Nadeen Qubti, for more ways to get involved with Clemson MBA and the Alumni Association!