Clemson Experimental Forest Employee Profiles

The public is invited to comment on the management and operation ot the Clemson Experimental Forest. The primary contact for the Forest is Russell Hardee, Forest Manager, 266B Lehotsky Hall, Clemson, SC 29631, 864-656-4833, The Forest Manager or designee will respond as quickly as possible (within 10 days of receipt). Some inquiries may require consultation and response by others in the University administration. The Forest Manager will facilitate appropriate contacts.

Russell Hardee
Forest Manager
266 B Lehotsky Hall 

Major duties: Direct the management of the CEF and forest lands on Clemson Research and Education Centers throughout the state. reulatory, agency and SFI compliance.  

Bryan Odom, Forester II
       Major duties: His responsibilities include timber sale planning, cruising, layout and design, as well as stand prescriptions and supervising  harvesting, site preparation and regeneration. Contract supervision, BMP and SFI field operations compliance.

Knight Cox, Forester
       Major duties: Part time work includes GIS analysis, mapping and special projects

John Bookhart, Forestry Operations Supervisor
      Major duties: Performs forest management duties to foster the development, protection, and utilization of forest resources on the CEF. Responsibilities include contract administration, facilities operation and maintenance, and equipment supervision and operation.

Frank Reynolds, Forestry Technician

Major Duties: Heavy equipment operation, road maintenance, prescribed fire and wildfire control.

Daniel Gillespie, Mechanic
Major Duties: Vehicle and equipment maintenance. Assisting with field operations.