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Undergraduate Programs

Clemson English serves undergraduate students through a B.A. English degree program, eight minors and general education courses in the University's core curriculum.

The English Department at Clemson University is among the nation's pioneers, combining literary studies and professional communications. Students in the program will complete a core curriculum providing a strong foundation in history, literature, critical inquiry, writing, and analysis.

The study of literature, like literature itself, involves students in central cultural questions. Well-prepared students of literature will be able to read critically and communicate effectively in a range of media, and with a strong sense of historical and cultural perspective. Moreover, students of literature acquire skills and knowledge that can inform their intellectual development and personal choices through their lives. Students may select courses in the following areas: American Literature, British Literature, Children's Literature, Creative Writing, Film and Screenwriting, and Popular Culture.

First-Year Composition

First-Year Composition (ENGL 1030), part of Clemson University’s general education core curriculum, helps undergraduate students learn how to analyze the rhetoric that surrounds them and compose persuasive arguments for a variety of audiences.

Arts and Humanities Literature

An Arts & Humanities Literature (AHL) course, part of Clemson University’s general education core curriculum, is a requirement that focuses on development of an ability to close read texts, including novels, poetry, drama, essays, film, digital texts, and visual elements of our culture

Advanced Writing

An Advanced Writing course is a requirement for many majors, including Business, Engineering, Nursing, and others. Advanced Writing courses are designed to introduce students to the importance of learning to write succinctly and clearly in genres suitable to professional and technical disciplinary work.

Summer Classes and Distance Learning

Get Ahead with Summer English online! The English Department offers courses online this summer in Composition and Rhetoric, Literature, Technical and Business Writing, Creative Writing, and more.

Department of English
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