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SCR Volume 56.1 Fall 2023 Is Here!
Posted on Wednesday December 13, 2023

Our fall issue includes fiction and poetry from Maggie Mitchell, Sean Padriac McCarthy, Rachel Neve-Midbar, Maryam Ghafoor, and many more! […]

SCR Volume 55.2 Spring 2023 Has Arrived!
Posted on Friday May 05, 2023

Our spring issue includes fiction and poetry by authors Daniel Wallace, George Singleton, Evelyn Berry, Anne Marie Rooney, and many […]

SCR Volume 55.1 Fall 2022 Is Here!
Posted on Thursday November 17, 2022

SCR Issue 55.1 includes poetry by Ifeoluwa Ayandele and Elizabeth Erin Smith, with fiction by Glenn Bertram and Banzelman Guret, […]

The South Carolina Review Volume 54.2, Spring 2022
Posted on Tuesday September 20, 2022

SCR Issue 54.2 includes poetry by Domenica Martinello, and Despy Boutris, with fiction by Khem K. Aryal, Gionni Ponce, and […]

The South Carolina Review Volume 54.1, Fall 2021
Posted on Tuesday September 20, 2022

SCR Issue 54.1 includes poetry by Juan Camillo Garza, and Jody Winer, with fiction by Alice Yang, Brock Clarke, and […]

South Carolina Review Volume 53.2, Spring 2021
Posted on Thursday April 01, 2021

SCR Issue 53.2 includes poetry by Stella Wong, and Sheila Black, with fiction by Marlin Barton, Tracy Lien, and Dany […]

The South Carolina Review Volume 53.1, Fall 2020
Posted on Thursday December 10, 2020

A orange, yellow, purple, and white sunset over a black cityscape. SCR Issue 53.1 includes fiction by Kevin Wilson and Evan Lavender-Smith, poetry by Lisa Summe and Elsa Cross, and an interview with Toni Jensen, author of Carry: A Memoir of Survival on Stolen Land.

The South Carolina Review Volume 52.2, Spring 2020
Posted on Thursday February 20, 2020

Painting of an orange and white boat docked at the edge of a blue lake with green mountains in the distance. The SCR logo is placed at the top left corner in white.SCR Issue 52.2 includes fiction by James Ulmer and Joshua Jones, along with poetry by Julianna Baggott and Susanne Paola Antonetta.

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