Request Real-time Captioning

We recommend placing your request at least 5 business days prior to your event to allow adequate time to clarify details with you, communicate with our vendors, and secure services. If your request is placed less than 5 business days prior to your event, it may be difficult to fill your request. However, our office will work diligently to fill your request regardless of when it is received. For the best experience, ASL service providers may ask for presentation notes ahead of time.

Please note: A cost may be associated with your request. If the event you are planning (whether on campus or off campus) involves conducting University business (i.e. University/departmental meetings, retreats) and the attendance of someone who needs captioning is requested / required, the costs for captioning can be covered by the University. For all other events (workshops, webinars, conferences, special programs, etc.), the organizers are responsible for covering the costs of captioning. Please consider costs for captioning as you develop your event budget. If you have budgetary concerns related to providing captioning for your event, please contact Priscilla Harrison, Director of Accessibility Services and Compliance/ADA Coordinator at 864-656-0620 or to discuss additional opportunities for support for your event.

For additional information on how to plan accessible events, please refer to the Disability Inclusive Language Guide and The Accessibility Event Checklist.