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Discrimination/Harassment Incident Report Form

This form is designed to provide students, employees, faculty, vendors, visitors, or others with an on-line method to report specific information related to an alleged incident(s) of sexual harassment (including sexual violence or misconduct), relationship violence, stalking, discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation.

You are not required to complete the entire form in order for the complaint to be submitted, but please complete it to the best of your ability. The complaint will be forwarded to the Executive Director for Equity Compliance/Title IX Coordinator for review to determine the appropriate action. The Executive Director for Equity Compliance/Title IX Coordinator may contact the complainant, victim (if different from complainant), respondent (accused), and/or any potential witnesses. However, if the report does not contain specific information, the institution's review and response may be limited. For example, if the respondent's (accused) name is not provided, we would not be able to contact them.

Online Incident Report Form