Title IX - Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnant or Parenting? You are protected.

Clemson University is committed to helping students achieve their academic and career goals, despite extenuating circumstances. Title IX is a federal law that ensures that federally funded schools do not discriminate against pregnant and parenting students and protects the right of pregnant and parenting students to make their own decisions regarding their pregnancy or educational future.

A student should advise the Title IX Coordinator of a potential need for Title IX accommodations as soon as possible after she learns that she is pregnant. It is extremely important that communication between the student, instructors, and the Title IX Coordinator begin as soon as possible.

Clemson University’s Title IX team works to explain and provide guidance regarding Title IX protections and accommodations for pregnant or new parents in order to comply with the provisions of Title IX. Some of these rights include:

  • Pregnant students are allowed to return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before their medical leave began, which includes giving them the opportunity to make up any work missed while they were out.
  • Pregnant students cannot have their academic or athletic scholarships withdrawn or face any other form of financial punishment because of their pregnancy.
  • Pregnant students are given excused absences due to pregnancy or childbirth for as long as their doctor says it is necessary
  • Instructors must provide reasonable adjustments for pregnant students.
  • Instructors may not refuse to allow pregnant students to submit work after a deadline missed because of pregnancy or childbirth. If a teacher’s grading is based in part on class participation or attendance and a pregnant student missed class because of pregnancy or childbirth, she is allowed to make up the participation or attendance credits she didn’t have the chance to earn.
  • Pregnant students must be provided with the same special services the university provides to students with temporary medical conditions. This includes homebound instruction/at-home tutoring/independent study.
  • Professors, administrators, athletic directors, and coaches cannot pressure pregnant or parenting students to get an abortion or alter their educational plans

To speak about your Title IX rights, contact Clemson University's Title IX Coordinator, Alesia Smith at 864-656-3181 or alesias@clemson.edu.