Clemson University Student Package Lockers

We are excited to provide Student Package Lockers at Clemson University. The Student Package Lockers provide a convenient and easy to use package retrieval system. As a student residing on campus, any *applicable package you receive will be placed in a Package Locker. You will receive an email instructing you to retrieve your package. If you have any questions related to the Student Package Lockers, please contact us at, or by phone at 864-656-2351.

We would love to hear feedback on your experience with the lockers by emailing us at Also, please see our Student Package Lockers FAQ for more information.

* Packages that require refrigeration, are oversized or are clearly labeled as medication will not be placed in lockers.

  • Student Union Package Services Hours:
    Mon - Fri (8am - 5pm)
    Sat - Sun (Closed)

    Douthit Hills Main (behind Building B) and Manning Locker Access Hours:

  • McAlister Hall (Core Campus) Locker Access Hours:
    Mon – Sat (7am – 9pm)
    Sun (Closed)

    Douthit Hills Hub Locker Access Hours:
    Mon - Fri (7am - 9pm)
    Sat (closed)
    Sun (4pm – 8 pm)


You will receive an email notification with instructions on how to pick up your package from the LockerBanks. But just in case, here is a quick user guide.

Step 1: Receive Email Notification

Step 2: Go to specific LockerBank location according to email instructions

Step 3: Log in at Locker Bank using one of the following methods: (a) PIN Code (b) TigerOne Card (c) QR Code or (d) mobile device

Step 4: Locker door will open, retrieve package(s) and make sure to close locker door. Please do not leave trash in lockers

Package pick up window will expire after 48 hours. When package pick up window expires, package will be sent back to Student Mail Services located at the Student Union Building.

If you are having any difficulty, please call us at 864-656-2351.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Package Lockers

  • Where are the package lockers located?

    Douthit Hills Outdoor Lockers: outside behind Building B, Douthit Hills Indoor Lockers: in the stairwell alcove beside Barnes & Noble Core Campus in The Hub, McAlister Hall Indoor Lockers: 1st Floor in corridor across from Which Wich, and Manning Outdoor Lockers: located on the side of Manning, under the first floor deck, next to laundry. Please see the my.clemson app for more information. Just go to Map and Type in Locker in the search bar.

  • Do I need my TigerOne card to pick up packages from the package lockers?

    You can use one of four methods to retrieve your package from the locker: (a) PIN Code (b) TigerOne Card (c) QR Code or (d) mobile device. If you need assistance please contact us at 864-656-2351.

  • What hours will the package lockers be accessible for package pick up?

    Both Douthit Outdoor Lockers and the Manning Outdoor Lockers are available 24/7. For the Douthit Indoor and McAlister Indoor Lockers availability will depend on facility hours.

Notification of Package Deliveries

Packages Have Been Delivered to Package Lockers

Package Retrieval at Package Lockers

Package Pick Up if Not at Package Lockers