Mail and Package Pickup

Mailboxes are accessible 24 hours a day. However, if you receive packages or over-sized mail, Student Mail Services will process and alert you via Clemson email. These items will be available for pickup during normal business hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, once you receive the notification. Package and over-sized mail pickup requires a student or government issued ID.

Package Pickup Procedure

  1. Bring your Student ID to Student Mail Services.
  2. Slide your card in one of the two available Package Pickup Kiosks located in the lobby. If a package is available for pickup, you will see two messages on the screen. Select Pick Up Now if you want to pick up your package at that time. Otherwise, select Cancel.
  3. Go to the Mail Services counter and have your Student ID card ready. The representative will verify your identity to ensure the correct package is released.

Incoming Address

All incoming mail and shipments must be formatted the following way:

2275 University Station, Box ___________
Clemson, SC  29632     

  • Box numbers will be sent via email no later than August 2. Mail Box assignments will be emailed to each student living on campus via their Clemson email on or before Aug 2rd.    The email will have either the box  combination or a key designation. Once your mail box has been assigned, the student may start to send packages prior to “move in” weekend which is Aug 16th - 18th.