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Sam Biemann

Machine Shop | MTS

Bill Simmons

SAM BIEMANN is a Lab Technologist II and CNC Shop Technician in the Machining and Technical Services' Machine Shop. He regularly consults with faculty, students, and staff to help them achieve their research goals as a skilled machinist.


A.S. Machine Tool Technology
Tri-County Technical College


BRIDGE SPREADER BEAM RESEARCH: Designed, machined, and welded a spreader beam to break 35ft x 6ft x3ft T-beams for bridge research - Dr. Brandon Ross, Civil Engineering

VASCULAR BIOREACTORS: Modified the old Vascular Bioreactors to work better and then designed, modeled in Solidworks, and built a new, better-designed Vascular Bioreactors - Dr. Simionescu, Bioengineering

CLT BEAM RESEARCH: Designed and machined a load Cell Distribution plate to calculate the amount of force being applied to a certain area for research on CLT beams – Dr. Weichiang Pang, Civil Engineering

AUTOCLAVE COMPONENTS: Machined various components and silver liners that went into autoclaves for the Chemistry Department - Dr. Kolis Chemistry Department

BRIDGE LOAD TEST: Built fixtures to attach LVDT equipment to bridges in the area to be able to record the amount of displacement in the bridge during a load test and also help perform load tests on local bridges around Clemson – Dr. Tommy Cousins, Civil Engineering


Freeman Hall exteriorLab Technologist II
Machining and Technical Services
Precision Machinist
Machine Shop

Phone: 864-656-5546


  • Tool and Die Making
  • Experience with precision manual and CNC grinding equipment, holding tolerances to
  • .0002”
  • Skilled in the programming and operation of CNC lathe, CNC mill, manual lathe, manual
  • mill, jig bore, Blanchard grinder, welding, fabrication, heat treating furnaces, and EDM
  • Advanced knowledge of machining tools and techniques, along with design, repair, and
  • maintenance of tooling and machinery
  • Consults with engineers in design changes and machining practices.
  • Design part models using AutoCAD, Mastercam, and SolidWorks


The services are available to internal and external clients, including researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and industry partners. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements and provide customized solutions to meet the customer's budget and time frame.

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