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People and Partners
Community Research and Design Center

People and Partners


Yours, Mine and Thine

"Yours, Mine, and Thine" is one of the core values of CR+DC that focuses on its people.  CR+DC's unique offering of products coupled with unprecedented student engagement, alumni who remain engaged and dedicated to the program, and outstanding faculty who offer their time and talents, embody the essential values of "Yours, Mine, and Thine" illustrated in the points below:

  • Good design is a social justice
  • Believe in the need for expansion of PUBLIC INTEREST DESIGN (PID)
  • Embrace collaboration and developing partnerships
  • Support a design culture composed of students, community members, faculty, and staff
  • Pursue design with passion
  • Celebrate your achievements while supporting colleagues, as a high tide raises all ships
  • Listen to those around you and avoid preconceived notions
  • Connect your own dots: make connections and contacts beyond your field
  • Ensure the work extens beyond the studio walls
  • Support and search for diverse thinking
  • Be part of the solution, not the problem

Faculty Fellows

Contributing Faculty

Activities, projects and contributions from key faculty are diverse.  Established in the fall of 2012, the CR+DC identified Faculty Fellows with gratitude for their outstanding accomplishments, and documented commitment through teaching, reseearch, scholarship, and service.  These members of Clemson University embody the core values and uphold the mission and vision of the CR+DC.  The following identifies these individuals who contribute to the fiber of the CR+DC.


Ulrike Heine +Ulrike Heine
Associate Chair and Associate Professor of Architecture
Dustin Albright +Dustin Albright
Assistant Professor of Architecture
David Pastre +David Pastre
Senior Lecturer of Architecture
Clemson Architectural Center, Charleston
Vincent Blouin +Vincent Blouin
Associate Professor of Architecture & Materials Science and Engineering
Ufuk Ersoy +Ufuk Ersoy
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Paul Russell +Paul Russell
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
David Franco +David Franco
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Community Design + Research Center
Community Design + Research Center | 3-105 Lee Hall School of Architecture, Clemson University Clemson, SC 29634