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Program Contacts

BUSINESS Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Accounting B.S. Jake Anderson
Accounting MPAcc Phebian Davis-Culler
Business Administration Ph.D. Wayne Stewart
Clemson MBA MBA General Inquiries — MBA Program
Economic Analytics M.S. Scott Templeton
Economics B.S./B.A. Jake Anderson
Economics Curtis Simon Scott Templeton
Executive Leadership Ph.D. Kristin Scott
Financial Management B.S. Jake Anderson
Graphic Communications B.S. Jake Anderson
Graphic Communications M.S. Charles Tabor Weiss
Management B.S. Jake Anderson
Marketing B.S. Jake Anderson
Marketing M.S. Scott Swain
CAAC Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Architecture B.A. Jessica Garcia
Architecture David Franco Andreea Mihalache David Allison
Art B.A. Jessica Garcia
City and Regional Planning MCRP Caroline Smith
Construction Science and Management B.S. Jessica Garcia
Construction Science and Management Mike Jackson
Historic Preservation M.S. Amalia Leifeste
Landscape Architecture BLA Jessica Garcia
Landscape Architecture MLA Hala Nassar
Planning, Design and the Built Environment Ph.D. Vincent Blouin
Real Estate Development MRED Amy Matthews Herrick
Resilient Urban Design MRUD B.D. Wortham-Galvin
Visual Arts MFA Kathleen Thum
Visual Arts BFA Jessica Garcia
CAFLS Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Agribusiness B.S. Maddy Cutts
Agricultural and Applied Economics M.S. Michael Vassalos
Agricultural Education B.S. Maddy Cutts
Agricultural Education M.AgEd. Michael Vassalos
Agricultural Mechanization and Business B.S. Maddy Cutts
Agriculture Michael Vassalos
Animal and Veterinary Sciences B.S. Maddy Cutts
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Gustavo Lascano
Entomology Michael Caterino
Environmental and Natural Resources B.S. Maddy Cutts
Food Science and Human Nutrition B.S. Maddy Cutts
Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences M.S. Paul Dawson
Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Ph.D. Paul Dawson
Forest Resource Management B.S. Maddy Cutts
Forest Resource Management Patrick Jodice Toni Becker
Horticulture B.S. Maddy Cutts
Packaging Science B.S. Maddy Cutts
Packaging Science M.S. Paul Dawson
Plant and Environmental Sciences B.S. Maddy Cutts
Plant and Environmental Sciences Guido Schnabel
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Non-degree Maddy Cutts
Turfgrass B.S. Maddy Cutts
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology B.S. Maddy Cutts
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Patrick Jodice Thea Hagan
CAH Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Digital History Ph.D. Douglas Seefeldt, Ph.D.
English B.A. Jessica Garcia
English M.A. Kimberly Manganelli
Global Black Studies B.A. Jessica Garcia
History B.A. Jessica Garcia
History M.A. Michael Meng
Language and International Business B.A. Jessica Garcia
Language and International Health B.S. Jessica Garcia
Modern Languages B.A. Jessica Garcia
Music Education MME Anthony Bernarducci
Performing Arts B.A. Jessica Garcia
Philosophy B.A. Jessica Garcia
Religious Studies B.A. Jessica Garcia
Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design Ph.D. David Blakesley
Women's Leadership B.A. Jessica Garcia
World Cinema B.A. Jessica Garcia
CBSHS Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Anthropology B.S./B.A. Autumn Donnelly
Applied Health Research and Evaluation Program Coordinator — PHS
Applied Psychology M.S. Bob Sinclair Chris Pagano
Communication B.A. Kaela Gardner
Communication M.A. Amy Durrance
Criminal Justice B.S./B.A. Autumn Donnelly
Health Science B.S. Rylee Bowman
Healthcare Genetics and Genomics Ph.D. Ellen B. Chiles
Human Factors Psychology Ph.D. Chris Pagano
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Bob Sinclair
Nursing B.S. Deja Chanel Kenion
Nursing M.S. Ellen B. Chiles
Nursing DNP Ellen B. Chiles
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management B.S. Erin Siders
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Jeffrey Hallo
Policy Studies Ph.D. Jenny Presgraves Bianca Schuster
Political Science B.S./B.A. Kris Barnette
Psychology B.S./B.A. Emily Walker
Public Administration MPA Lori Dickes
Public Health MPH Karen Kemper
Social Science M.S. Natallia Sianko
Sociology B.S./B.A. Autumn Donnelly
Sports Communication B.A. Kaela Gardner
Transportation Safety Administration MTSA Mike Posey
Youth Development Leadership M.S. Barry A. Garst
CECAS Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Applied Computing MAC Becca Spilka
Automotive Engineering Jeremiah Farmer Benjamin Lawler
Automotive Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Bioengineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Bioengineering Agneta Simionescu
Biomedical Data Science and Informatics Adam Rollins
Biomedical Engineering M.Eng. Jeremy Mercuri
Biosystems Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Biosystems Engineering Barbara Smith
Chemical Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Chemical Engineering Eric M. Davis
Civil Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Civil Engineering Kristi Baker
Computer Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Computer Engineering Harlan B. Russell Jennifer Gooch General Inquiries
Computer Information Systems B.S. Christopher Porter
Computer Science B.S./B.A. Christopher Porter
Computer Science Adam Rollins Becca Spilka
Digital Production Arts Eric Patterson Adam Rollins
Electrical Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Electrical Engineering Harlan B. Russell Jennifer Gooch General Inquiries
Engineering and Science Education Ph.D. Barbara Smith
Environmental Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Ph.D. Barbara Smith
Environmental Engineering and Science M.S. Barbara Smith
Geology B.S. Christopher Porter
Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. Adam Rollins
Hydrogeology M.S. Barbara Smith
Industrial Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Industrial Engineering Kapil Madathil
Materials Science and Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Materials Science and Engineering Laura Kinard
Mechanical Engineering B.S. Christopher Porter
Mechanical Engineering General Inquiries — ME program Irina Kharitonova Huijuan Zhao
Medical Device Reprocessing M.S. Melinda Harman Lauren St. Clair
Photonic Science and Technology Judson Ryckman
Resilient Systems M.S. Pamela Murray-Tuite
Systems Engineering M.Eng. Andrew Edmunds
EDUCATION Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Athletic Leadership M.S. Mike Godfrey
Counselor Education Alison Search
Early Childhood Education B.A. Stacy Dillard
Education Systems Improvement Science EdD Noelle Paufler
Educational Leadership Sarah Stokowski Educational Leadership — general inquiry
Elementary Education B.A. Megan Bolt
Human Capital Education and Development B.S. Stacy Dillard
Human Resource Development MHRD MHRD — general inquiry
Learning Sciences Ph.D. Alison Search Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens
Literacy M.Ed. Alison Search Rebecca Kaminski
Literacy, Language and Culture Ph.D. Alison Search Lindsey Rowe
Mathematics Teaching B.S. Jamie Garland
Middle Level Education MAT Anna Morrison
Middle Level Education B.S. Stacy Dillard
Modern Languages Education B.A. Valerie Oonk
Modern Languages Education MAT Anna Morrison
Science Teaching B.S./B.A. Jamie Garland
Secondary Education B.A. Jamie Garland
Secondary Education MAT Anna Morrison
Special Education B.A. Jamie Garland
Special Education Alison Search Catherine A. Griffith Shanna Hirsch
Student Affairs M.Ed. Student Affairs — general inquiry
Teacher Residency MAT Laura Eicher
Teaching and Learning Julie Jones
SCIENCE Program Type Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3
Biochemistry B.S. Serenity Wolf
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Kimi Brown
Biological Sciences B.S./B.A. Serenity Wolf
Biological Sciences Bill Baldwin
Chemistry B.S./B.A. Serenity Wolf
Chemistry Heather Shelton
Data Science B.S. Ellen H. Breazel
Data Science and Analytics M.S. Ellen Breazel
Environmental Toxicology Peter van den Hurk
Genetics B.S. Serenity Wolf
Genetics Kimi Brown
Mathematical Sciences B.S./B.A. Serenity Wolf
Mathematical Sciences Christopher McMahan
Medical Biophysics Emil Alexov Amanda Ellenburg
Microbiology B.S. Serenity Wolf
Microbiology Zhicheng Dou
Physics B.S./B.A. Serenity Wolf
Physics Amanda Ellenburg
Pre-Pharmacy Non-degree Serenity Wolf
Pre-Professional Health Studies Undeclared Serenity Wolf

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