What regulations do I need to follow to manufacture, package and sell a food product in South Carolina that the South Carolina Department of Agriculture regulates?

Foods that fall under the jurisdiction of the South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) must meet the following regulations:

  1. Prepared in an approved facility (a home kitchen is not approved).
  2. Registered using a Registration Verification Certificate, which initiates an inspection by SCDA to verify the safety of your facility and food production process and that it meets all state and federal regulations.
  3. Have your product label reviewed by SCDA.
  4. Comply with regular unannounced inspections of your facility and process by SCDA. 

Additional regulations may be required depending on the type of food product that you are producing. 

For more information contact Adair Hoover at cpope@clemson.edu (Food2Market Coordinator) or Angie Culler-Matthews the Food Safety and Compliance Manager for the South Carolina Department of Agriculture at aculler@scda.sc.gov