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Living Shorelines


SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
The Nature Conservancy
Ace Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve
Coastal Conservation League
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The salt marsh provides aesthetic beauty, recreation, and wildlife viewing opportunities; reasons many residents seek to live near the coast. This salt marsh ecosystem helps to support a healthy local economy and environment. The beauty and dynamic nature of life along the salt marsh are not without challenges. Residents may face shoreline erosion resulting in property loss and water management concerns.

In 2021, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control issued a permitting process for living shoreline installation. This new regulation provides residents with an additional option for stabilizing shorelines along tidal waters. Living shorelines are a powerful tool to proactively protect estuarine shorelines and prevent erosion along residential and commercial properties. Because of its extensive estuarine shoreline habitat, South Carolina is in an excellent position to take advantage of living shorelines to protect its salt marshes and improve coastal resilience.

Utilize this website to learn more about living shorelines and what methods may be appropriate for your site.

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SCDNR biologists plant Spartina marsh grass behind a row of oyster shell bags at a site along the Charleston Harbor in summer 2021. Image courtesy of SCDNR

Living Shorelines
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