Multimedia Accessibility Services and Resources

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While the university is teaching fully online due to COVID-19, all courses with media accessibility accommodation requests can receive captioning through the Free Media Accessibility Service. The course will not need to complete certification to be eligible for captioning.

To make sure we can support accommodation needs, we are currently handling non-accommodation requests on a case-by-case basis.

According to accessibility laws and standards (link opens in new tab), accessible video and audio need the following:

  • Transcripts for audio-only content (i.e. podcasts and mp3 files).
  • Audio Descriptions (AD) or descriptive transcripts for videos containing no dialogue or lyrics.
  • Closed Captions (CC) and possibly audio descriptions for videos containing dialogue and/or lyrics.
    • Audio descriptions would only be necessary if purely visual information is not audibly described during the making of the video.

Clemson Online provides three services and some Do It Yourself (DIY) methods for acquiring these accessibility features. 

Clemson Online Services Summary

After requests for the free service have been submitted and after the agreements for the other services have been signed, Clemson Online will submit the media to their vendor within approximately 24 hours. The vendor will then complete the requested work within the turnaround times listed below. 
  • Transcription and Captioning requests will be completed within 2 - 3 days.
  • Audio description requests will usually require an additional 4 - 5 days for completion.

Once the work is complete, a copy of all files will be stored in Clemson Online's Caption Bank. With one exception, these files will need to be manually associated with the original video before the accessibility features will be available to your audience. Only requests for the captioning of Ensemble videos will not require this step as the vendor will automatically apply the captions to the videos.

If you have questions, email and your ticket will be routed to Clemson Online.

Clemson Online's Free Media Accessibility Service

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Clemson Online is willing to service the following media at no cost to the faculty or department:

In order to request this service, Clemson employees must agree to Clemson Online's Terms of Service. Additionally, they must work with one of Clemson Online's Digital Learning Strategists to make the request. If you do not know who the Digital Learning Strategist is for your college, email with the subject line "Who is my DLS?".

Clemson Online's Media Accommodation Service


Clemson Online will also service media in uncertified online, hybrid, and blended courses where an appropriate request for accommodation letter has been presented if the faculty and/or department agree to sign the Certification and Media Accessibility Service Agreement. In this agreement, the faculty and/or department are agreeing to the following:

  • Acceptance of Clemson Online's Terms of Service.
  • The course will pass Clemson Online's certification process by a specified date.
  • The department will reimburse Clemson Online for services rendered if the course does not become certified by the specified date.

To request this service, faculty will need to ask the Digital Learning Strategists assigned to their college to make the request. If you do not know who the Digital Learning Strategist is for your college, email with the subject line "Who is my DLS?".

Do It Yourself Methods

Do It Yourself Sign
  • Caption Bank - Media serviced by Clemson Online have a copy of the transcript, caption, audio description, and subtitle files stored in a "Caption bank." If Clemson Online serviced the media previously, Clemson employees can download the files instead of requesting the service again. (If the video is stored in Ensemble or is a lecture-capture video, you may need to ask for access to the appropriate folder in the Caption Bank).
  • Media Accessibility Guide - This guide provides instructions on how to find videos that have already been captioned; how to caption Ensemble, Canvas, YouTube, Vimeo, Camtasia, and Adobe Premiere videos as well as videos found on the web; and how to create audio descriptions.
  • Get Your Own Account With The Vendor - Through the vendor's contract with Clemson Online, it is possible for Clemson employees and departments to get their own accounts. The benefits of this route include quicker turnaround time, less money spent compared to Clemson Online's Paid Service, the ability to use more integrations with video hosting platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), and the capability of utilizing the vendor's live or realtime captioning services for events and webinars.