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Ensemble is Clemson's Enterprise video solution. Ensemble is a video content management system that allows staff to upload video files to the web and easily share them with other departments on campus as well as guests. Ensemble supports multiple media formats and provides flexible video content publishing and sharing.

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Note: If you plan to use Ensemble's Quizzing feature, please be aware that students with visual and/or mobility impairments may struggle to use it efficiently and may require an alternate means of completing these quizzes (such as a Canvas quiz with the Ensemble video or clips embedded). Please see our Accessibility Assistance page for additional tips and information.

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Ensemble Video has always utilized a dynamic playback environment to deliver HTML5/HLS playback for devices that do not support Flash. In 2016, Ensemble Video made strides to become a Flash-free content provider.

EnsembleLive App

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To download for an Apple device, you will need to open iTunes.

Ensemble/EnsembleLive questions should be directed to CCIT:

  • How Do I Get an Ensemble Account?

    To access Ensemble, open a web browser and navigate to https://ensemble.clemson.edu.  The first time you login an account will be created for you.  If you need an account for a department, email ITHELP@clemson.edu.

  • Is There a Cost Associated with Ensemble?

    At this time there is no cost associated with Ensemble accounts unless additional storage space is requested.

  • Does Ensemble Allow Videos to be Downloaded?

    This is a setting determined by the Ensemble page owner. If the owner sets the files up with download permissions the files can be downloaded. Most files once uploaded will be converted to MP4 and play from the Ensemble webpage.

Review the Ensemble Knowledge Base for additional information.