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What Is Ensemble Video?

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Ensemble is Clemson's Enterprise video hosting solution. Ensemble is a video content management system that allows employees to upload video files to the web and easily share them with other departments on campus as well as guests. Ensemble supports multiple media formats and provides flexible video content publishing and sharing.

*Use the link in the middle of the page or the "Clemson Shibboleth" link beneath the username and password to login.*

*The recorder download is optional.*

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Additional Information

  • Who can use Ensemble Video?

    Ensemble Video is available to all Clemson employees at no extra cost. Students can also use Ensemble to turn in video assignments and complete video quizzes at no extra cost.

  • How can employees get personalized training on Ensemble Video?

    Clemson Online offers an Instructor-led training option for employees. Visit the Clemson Online Events page and schedule a Clemson Online Booking. You may have to click the "Show More Services" button to find this session topic.

  • How do I get an account?

    Faculty and Staff simply need to open a web browser, navigate to https://ensemble.clemson.edu, and login through the familiar Clemson login screen (i.e. Shibboleth). Teaching Assistants and those wanting an account for their department will need to send a request to ITHELP@clemson.edu.

  • Can I organize my videos into folders or playlists?

    It is possible to organize videos into Playlists, but the Playlists will not change the appearance of your library or improve your ability to locate videos within your Library.

  • Can I use the Ensemble Quizzing feature?

    If you plan to use Ensemble's Quizzing feature, please be aware that students with visual and/or mobility impairments may struggle to use it efficiently and may require an alternate means of completing these quizzes (such as a Canvas quiz with the Ensemble video or clips embedded). You may also want to prepare a practice quiz so that students can familiarize themselves with the interface and troubleshoot as needed prior to having to use it to earn a grade.

Tools Others Have Considered

At a Glance Tool Comparison
Name Ensemble YouTube Vimeo
Tool Icon Ensemble Video YouTube Vimeo
Extra Cost None None Optional
University Tech Support Yes No No
Uses Clemson Login Yes No Optional
Canvas Integration Yes Yes No
Accessibility Good* Good* Good*

*Rankings marked with asterisks are based on the tool's general reputation in the accessibility community and not on testing that Clemson has completed.

+Rankings marked with a plus are based on completed testing.