Instructional Video Production Services

Clemson Online is dedicated to assisting instructors increase student engagement and achievement. One way to accomplish this is through high-quality instructional videos. Our video services can help instructors design, plan, and produce engaging instructional videos that follow best practices for online, blended, flipped, and face-to-face learning.

Clemson Online's video production team is available to help in all aspects of instructional video production including consultation and training, editing, and production technologies.

Instructional Video Production Services:

Instructional Video Production Services Provided for:

  • Instructors
  • Colleges
  • Academic Departments

Benefits of Using Clemson Online's Instructional Video Services:

  • Studio Time with Experienced Professionals
  • HD Quality Video
  • Professional Audio and Lighting
  • Video Editing including Intros and Transitions
  • Video Storage in Ensemble
  • Captioning Services (limited)

We handle everything from start to finish!