Work/Life Policies

Clemson University offers excellent work and life policies and programs that assist your family in balancing the challenges of professional and personal life while at the University.

Probationary Period
Extension of the Probationary Period

Probationary faculty may receive up to two automatic one-year extensions of the tenure decision for the birth or placement of a child during their probationary period. For full description of policy and procedures, see Faculty Manual, Part IV, B.2.b.

Family Support
Family Support and Accommodation Plan

Offering faculty members at Clemson University the flexibility and time needed for balancing their professional and personal responsibilities when they experience a life event which may make it difficult to meet their work obligations.

Dual Career
Dual Career Faculty Hiring

Dual career families are common among faculty. This presents both challenges and opportunities. Clemson University aims to provide a clearly articulated dual career hiring programs that can overcome the challenges and become highly competitive for attracting talented individuals.

Lactation Network
Lactation Network/Wellness Rooms

Clemson University strives to offer clean, private space for new mothers to nurse and/or express breastmilk and flexible opportunities to do so during the work/school day.