Areas of Research

  • Animal Production Systems

    Provide research based information for use by livestock producers, dairy and poultry farmers and horse owners in South Carolina.


    Identify and develop biomass which can be used for biofuels, design optimum crops and forest products to maximize bioenergy production, and produce value-added bio-based industrial products.

    Global Food Security and Hunger

    Generate new science to boost agricultural production, improve global capacity to meet the growing food demand, and foster innovation in fighting hunger by addressing food security for vulnerable populations. 

  • Climate Change

    Generate knowledge to develop agricultural systems that maintain high productivity in the face of climate change.

    Food Safety, Quality, and Nutrition

    Improve the quality, nutritional value and safety of the food consumed by South Carolina's citizens.


    Natural Resource Management

    Help to insure that South Carolina's citizens and industry have an ample supply of water and habitat for fish, wildlife and recreational purposes now and in the future.


  • Community and Economic Development

    Develop new and innovative programs and strategies to encourage economic growth and development in South Carolina's rural counties.


    Improve the quality of South Carolina's forests through watershed management, timber production strategies, and forest management practices.


    Non-Food Horticulture Crops

    Support and assist the commercial horticulture industry, farmers and homeowners in South Carolina.