Food Safety, Nutrition & Health

teenager helping a younger girl with food safetyClemson researchers, Extension educators and regulatory agents help ensure the safety and nutrition of South Carolina’s food supply from farm to fork.

Regulatory agents work closely with crop and livestock producers to ensure that the state’s meat, poultry and plant crops meet all federal and export safety requirements. Research scientists seek to enhance the nutrients in plants and to develop post-harvest handling and packaging technologies that protect food quality and safety. Extension educators provide safe food-handling training for individuals, restaurants and commercial food processors to prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses.

Extension educators provide consumer information on nutrition, obesity prevention, chronic disease risk reduction, and special dietary considerations for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. EFNEP Nutrition Educator Assistants (NEAs) deliver nutrition education programs that help children, youth and young families with limited resources develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior needed to improve their diet, physical activity levels, and become better managers of their food dollars. Educators provide information in a variety of settings as well as through the media, including radio, television, and the internet.


In Action

Below are links to some of the important research, outreach and programs in Food Safety & Nutrition.