About Emergency Preparedness

Animal Disease Emergencies
Clemson University Livestock Poultry Health (CULPH), as the state animal health regulatory agency, has the legal authority and mandated responsibility to assist in the prevention of diseases that threaten South Carolina livestock and poultry. These responsibilities include managing state response actions in the event of a reportable disease affecting animals. There are numerous diseases of concern that affect animals only but several of these, called zoonotic diseases (such as Avian Influenza, Rift Valley Fever) can also threaten public health.

CULPH developed the SC Ag-Watch program to assist SC animal producers with preparedness and prevention for important foreign animal diseases (FAD).

As part of planning efforts to ensure the marketing of critical commodities and products in the event of a FAD, CULPH was one of the founding members of the Mid-Atlantic Secure Milk Supply (MA-SMS) program, now a 13-state group. The MA-SMS takes direction from the national Secure Milk Supply plan, part of the Secure Food Supply and then modifies specific guidance to dairy farms, haulers, and processing plants in our state.

Natural and Technological Emergencies Affecting Animals / Agriculture
In 1999 CULPH took on a non-traditional role in addition to its traditional role in disease prevention and response. As the Primary Agency for Emergency Support Function 17 (ESF-17), a section of the State Emergency Operations Plan, CULPH partners with several Support Agencies to help the State Emergency Management Division and the Governor to coordinate statewide resources needed to support the citizens of SC in “all hazards” disasters. Natural (such as hurricanes and earthquakes) and technological disasters (such as a radiological accident) can have consequences on animals, plants/crops and all agricultural assets in the state.

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