Business Licensing

At this time, only persons wishing to open a business that will perform any activity in Category 7A are required to have a Business License through the Department of Pesticide Regulation.  Please note that this is for our department only—your town or municipality may require that you have a business license.  Please check with your city government offices.

You must have a Designated Certified Applicator (DCA) in charge before you can be issued a Business License.  The DCA must be licensed by the Department in Category 7A.  He or she must be permanently assigned to that specific location on a full time basis while the business is open and operating.  No individual may be the DCA for more than one location. 

To qualify as a DCA, you must

  • Fill out a Business License application form and include a copy of your current SC Category 7A license and your financial responsibility statement;
  • Provide proof that you operate from the location on the application; and
  • Have either a four-year degree in the natural sciences OR have two years of verifiable experience in pest control. 

If your Business License has been revoked or was suspended in the past, you cannot circumvent the suspension or revocation by applying for a “new” Business License.

Business Licenses are valid from Jan 1st to December 31st of each year.  Violations of the South Carolina Pesticide Control Act may result in fines.  If there are repeated or serious violations, your Business License may be subject to suspension or revocation.

Rules & Regulations for the Enforcement of the SC Pesticide Control Act

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