Plant Inventory App

Discover the Garden

This app lets you discover the different plants and locations in the South Carolina Botanical Garden. Just walk around the Garden, and an alert will ask if you wish to see the plants in the Garden closest to you. Alternatively, click on the description above any clicked pin to see its plant listing.

GPS is required to get local garden notifications and see your location.
Internet is required to see the map itself and get the latest message from the SCBG.
To search for plants by common or Latin names use the search tab.
To view the last garden you entered, use the Garden tab.

You will see QR signs throughout the garden with DISCOVER SCBG App on them. This is our new Garden database of plants and their locations throughout the garden. Please use the links below to locate the downloadable app or type discover South Carolina Botanical Garden in the searchbox.

Image result for scbg cactus flower Image result for garden database of plants and location clemson

Viewing tool/support/marketing (Employees Only)

Developer: Sean Southard