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Simpson Research and Education Center: Field Day August 20, 2016

8:30 – Registration

9:00 – Welcome

Dr. George Askew – Vice President, Public Service and Agriculture

9:20 – Load busses and travel to field areas

Joint Agronomy/Livestock Session (All attendees)

9:40 – Development of a Real Time Yield Monitor for Hay Operations
Dr. Kendall Kirk and Scott Sell,  Edisto Research and Education Center

10:15 – Split into Agronomic and Livestock Groups for Specialized Sessions

Beef, Small Ruminant and Forage Production

10:30 – Genetic Markers and Beef Cattle Selection
Dr. Heather Dunn and Matthew Burns

10:45- Tall Fescue Impacts on the Fetus
Dr. Susan Duckett, Jessi Britt, and Markus Miller

11:15 – Grazing, Cattle and Feed Management During Drought Conditions
Dr. John Andrae – Extension Forage Specialist
Dr. Matthew Burns – Extension Animal Scientist
Scott Sell- Cattle Herd and Bull Test Coordinator, Edisto REC

11:40- Can marbling be altered at weaning?
Dr. Susan Duckett and Brandon Koch

12:00– Return to tent for lunch

Agronomic Crops

10:30 –Sorghum Germplasm and Genomics for Feedstuffs and Feedstock
Dr. Steve Kresovich

11:00 – Clemson Corn Genomics Program
Dr. Rajan Sekhon

11:30 - Pest Issues in Soybean: From Stink Bugs to Wild Hogs
Dr. Jeremy Greene – Edisto REC
Dr. Cory Heaton- Sandhill REC

11:45 – Production Practices and Dryland Agronomic Variety Trials.
Brad Stancil – Variety Test Coordinator
David Gunter- Feed Grain Specialist

12:00 – Return to tent for lunch

Lunch Program

12:40 – Recognition of Sponsors- John Andrae

12:45 – Precision Ag Options for Upstate Row Crop and Livestock Production
Hollens Free- Precision Ag Extension Associate

1:00 – Current Drought Programs for Livestock and Row Crop Producers.
Blake Badger USDA-FSA Anderson, Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormick, and Oconee Counties

1:15 – 2:15 – Optional Afternoon Tour
Agronomic Tour South Carolina Crop Improvement/Clemson Bottoms, Brad Stancil
Livestock Tour Clemson Bull Test, Steve Meadows