Resources for Communities

The links below highlight excellent, hand-selected technical materials for municipalities on a range of water resources and stormwater topics. These outside resources are solely responsible for the content and availability of their own materials.

NPS (Non Point Source) Toolbox | Carolina Clear | Clemson University

A collection of publications, presentations, consortium materials, videos, and classroom lessons for watershed outreach and education.

Stormwater Discharges From Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) | US EPA

Polluted stormwater runoff is commonly transported through Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s), from which it is often discharged untreated into local waterbodies. To prevent harmful pollutants from being washed or dumped into an MS4, operators must obtain a NPDES permit and develop a stormwater management program.

Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox | US EPA

The Nonpoint Source (NPS) Outreach Toolbox is intended for use by state and local agencies and other organizations interested in educating the public on nonpoint source pollution or stormwater runoff. The Toolbox contains a variety of resources to help develop an effective and targeted outreach campaign.

SC DHEC Water Quality Tool

The SC DHEC Water Quality Tool is an online mapping tool that allows the user to access layers of data including TMDL watersheds, water quality monitoring stations, impaired stations, MS4 boundaries and more information for understanding water quality regulations and how they may impact your location and community.

National Stormwater Calculator | Water Quality Research | US EPA

EPA’s National Stormwater Calculator (SWC) is a desktop application that estimates the annual amount of rainwater and frequency of runoff from a specific site anywhere in the United States. Estimates are based on local soil conditions, land cover, and historic rainfall records.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) | US EPA 

Developed by the Center for Watershed Protection and Dr. Robert Pitt, University of Alabama under an EPA grant, the manual Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE): A Guidance Manual for Program Development and Technical Assistance is intended to provide support and guidance to stormwater Phase II communities developing IDDE programs.

Water Quality Information Center | USDA

Water Quality Information Center (WQIC) provides electronic access to information on water quality and agriculture. The center collects, organizes, and communicates the scientific findings, educational methodologies, and public policy issues related to water quality and agriculture.

International Stormwater BMP Database

The International Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Database project website features a database of over 530 BMP studies, performance analysis results, tools for use in BMP performance studies, monitoring guidance and other study-related publications.

Center for Watershed Protection | Online Watershed Library | Free Publications

The Online Watershed Library (OWL) is a service provided by the Center for Watershed Protection that allows ready access to Center publications and other resources (research papers, tools, and stormwater manuals, among others) that support best practices in watershed and stormwater management. 

StormTV Project | YouTube

Water Environment Federation (WEF) collected these videos through the StormTV Project, an effort to share innovative ways of managing stormwater, improving water quality, and informing the public. WEF does not endorse the services, products, or projects featured in the listed videos

SC Association of Stormwater Managers | Municipal Association of SC

The SC Association of Stormwater Managers offers a listserv and training sessions about stormwater management policies and best practices. It also provides members a forum for sharing ideas and keeping current on state and federal laws. 

Digital Coast | NOAA Coastal Services Center

This NOAA-sponsored website is focused on helping communities address coastal issues and has become one of the most-used resources in the coastal management community. The dynamic Digital Coast Partnership, whose members represent the website’s primary user groups, keeps the effort focused on customer needs.

Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters | Polluted Runoff | US EPA

This handbook is intended to help communities, watershed organizations, and state, local, tribal and federal environmental agencies develop and implement watershed plans to meet water quality standards and protect water resources.

Resource Kit: Natural Stream Restoration Techniques

Documents and videos related to large woody debris and the application of bioengineering to stream restoration