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Women in Water Outdoors

Women in Water Outdoors is an initiative began in 2020, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was leaving women working from home, often juggling virtual school and seeking a better balance between home and work. As a world, we slowed down and watched as nature came alive in many ways. The inspiration of slowing down, retreating, yet finding more purpose in connecting drove a planning effort to create adventures where women in the water industry can network, be inspired, and reignite the source of the passion that lead them to their career path. The initiative’s purpose is to build confidence and connections for women in the water industry through adventure, learning, service, and networking.

Women in Water Outdoors includes both social activities (women in science-themed book club, day hikes, fishing trips, and evening outings) on a quarterly basis. To build in professional development and growth opportunities, the initiative is working towards Carolinas-wide learning, adventure, and service opportunities.

Women in Water Outdoors participants gather for a photo while on a hike


Program Co-Leaders

Katie Callahan

Kaleigh Sims

women in water network explore learn serve grow


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