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A group of people searching leaf packs in plastic bins, looking for macroinvertebrates.

South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream

South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream is a volunteer citizen science program with growing enthusiasm and membership for the protection of South Carolina's waterways! Volunteers can play an important role in monitoring and tracking water quality while sharing information about local water resources with their communities.

You don’t need to be an environmentalist, angler, or scholar to join this effort. All are welcome to find more information, seek training, and add to the knowledge base of river health in South Carolina!

Learn More about Workshops
A volunteer smiling, standing in a stream, holding pH test tubes as another volunteer kneels to collect samples. Trainer Carrie and other volunteers stand on the beach.
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Partners Across the State

SC DHEC and Clemson's Center for Watershed Excellence co-lead this program with the help of partners across the state. Partnership is needed to provide kits, training, host sites, and more. Join us in this watershed moment of engaging residents in water science!

SC Adopt-a-Stream

Through SC Adopt-a-Stream, citizen scientists learn to monitor the health and cleanliness of their local waterways. Data collected by SCAAS volunteers is entered into a public database that serves as a valuable resource and augments the monitoring efforts of local and statewide water regulatory agencies. SCAAS volunteers have a passion for community involvement and a love of the outdoors.

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Get Involved

  • Attend a Workshop

    The first step to becoming a SC Adopt-a-Stream volunteer is to get certified. Volunteers can attend free workshops to learn Freshwater, Macroinvertebrate, or Tidal Saltwater Monitoring-- or all three! Find an upcoming workshop near you on our Workshop Calendar.

  • Find a Kit

    Certified volunteers can choose to purchase their own kit or borrow one from one of our program partners across the state. View our Kit Map to find an available kit in your area. If you’d like to purchase your own, please visit the Resources and Materials page to find a list of kit supplies and where they can be purchased.

  • Adopt a Site

    Many volunteers monitor streams on their own property, in public parks or on public land, or on others’ properties, with landowner permission. Visit our Database to view some available sites, and contact your Trainer or a member of the State Team if you’d like help picking a site in your community!

  • Share Your Data

    Your data has power! In providing baseline information about stream conditions, volunteers, local communities, educators, and local government agencies can partner to protect and restore our waters. The SC Adopt-a-Stream Database is a public resource to share data and learn about what’s happening in your watershed. Anyone can view the database (excluding volunteer information), but only certified volunteers can contribute stream data.

  • Build Community

    SC Adopt-a-Stream volunteers and partners share common goals of protecting watershed health and ensuring clean water resources. Get connected with others in your community through partners in our Hub Network. We also highlight partners and water-focused events around the state in our monthly E-news!

Trainer Dan talking to two people while showing them a plant.

SC Adopt-a-Stream E-News

Stay in the loop about program updates, highlights, and upcoming events with our monthly newsletter

Volunteer Motivation

Our annual survey helps us understand who our volunteers are, why monitoring is important to them, and gather feedback.

Annual Reports

Find annual highlights and see how the program grows and changes by the numbers each year

T-Shirts & Gear

Help spread the word and start conversations with SC Adopt-a-Stream shirts, dry bags, and more!

The Center for Watershed Excellence
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