Hazardous Waste Management

posterBoth the U.S. EPA and the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control regulate the disposal of chemical wastes. In South Carolina, the State regulations closely parallel the Federal ones.

In South Carolina, people who generate hazardous wastes (“Generators”) are required to have training. Hazardous Waste training is available here:  How to Dispose of Chemical Waste

Many chemicals, chemical mixtures, solvents, and solvent mixtures are regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Under RCRA, a chemical can either be listed, where it is mentioned by name in the regulation, or characteristic. RCRA characteristics include flammability, reactivity (including containing cyanide and sulfides), corrosivity, and toxicity.

Chemical wastes are also regulated by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Clean-up, and Liability Act (CERCLA), which prohibits disposal of any material into the environment which is harmful to the environment. Both the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act regulate emissions in to air and water.

RCRA Hazardous Waste D list RCRA Hazardous Waste F list
RCRA Hazardous Waste P list RCRA Hazardous Waste U list


For pickup of hazardous items please use the appropriate form:

   Hazardous Waste / Biohazardous Waste

Proper chemical storage is required to minimize the hazards associated with leaks, spills, and accidental mixing of incompatible chemicals. Please follow the link below for the General Chemical Storage Guidelines:

Chemical Storage Guidelines


SC DHEC Lead Based Paint Waste & Residue Disposal Advisory


The Hazardous Waste Management Manual is available here:  Hazardous Waste Management Manual


HAZARDOUS WASTE CONTAINER LABELS ( MS Word format for Avery label #5163)

BioWaste Labels

Satellite Accumulation Inspection Procedure   

SAA Poster with Instructions

Disposal of Controlled Drugs (DEA) and disposal of Pharmaceuticals at Clemson University Main Campus

Recycling Fluorescent, CFLs, LEDS, High Density, etc. Lamps

Proper Lab Waste Disposal

Video:  Nitric Acid Wastes: Preventing Chemical Incompatibility Hazards

For questions, comments or concerns, please contact the CU Occupational and Environmental Safety Hazardous Materials Manager.


Contact the Hazardous Materials Manager for assistance in classifying and disposing of your wastes, or any questions you may have.