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Occupational and Environmental Safety

SciShield FAQ

What is SciShield?

SciShield is a web-based platform developed by a researcher that allows researchers to more easily manage research safety and compliance. It is a commonly used tool utilized by major Carnegie R1 research universities, such as Clemson, to more efficiently manage large, growing research portfolios.

What does SciShield do?

Among its many features, SciShield:

  • Registers laboratories, researchers, authorizations, and requirements;
  • Tracks hazardous materials such as pathogens, radioisotopes, high-risk chemicals, x-ray devices, lasers, etc.;
  • Automates training requirements and reminders;
  • Delivers online training and manages classroom training;
  • Reports managing committee reviews and oversight.
  • Provides for a more efficient inspection process with customized inspection templates and easy follow-up for corrective actions.

What are the benefits of SciShield?

SciShield reports numerous benefits experienced at other top research institutions:

  • A 60% average reduction in time spent by researchers on the top 15 common safety tasks.
  • Between 53% and 84% reduction in time spent on training and other safety-specific tasks.
  • 1,288 fewer hours spent conducting inspections by environmental, health and safety staff.

Who must use SciShield?

Faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students that work or conduct research in a lab, shop, farm or other Research and Teaching area will use SciShield. Additional information on Research Safety programs and procedures can be found on the OES website.

How is my information viewed or shared?

Information is viewable only to authenticated and authorized individuals.  For example, institutional compliance officers can view high-level information about laboratories across the institution.  Principal Investigators in a lab can see relevant information only about their lab and lab members.  Individual researchers can see only their information and certain information about their lab’s activities (depending on their role/job duties).

What Operating System (OS) platform, or software is required to access SciShield?

SciShield is a hosted web-based solution and is operating system-independent for end users. It has been tested extensively on both Windows and Macintosh based web browsers. The current and two previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge and Safari are supported on a rolling basis.

Can I use SciShield on mobile devices or tablets?

Yes. There is no mobile version but you would access SciShield from the Clemson university website as you would from your computer and the website is mobile device friendly.

Do I need to set up an account to use SciShield?

No. The Office of Research Safety has worked with SciShield to upload information into their system. You will simply login with your Clemson University ID and password just as you do for other university systems.

How do visiting faculty, students, interns or contractors that do not have a Clemson user ID access SciShield to take online training?

Send a request to the SciShield Manager and include the person’s name, department, supervisor, and email.  They will be issued a temporary userID and login which will be sent to their email.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Follow steps outlined in the SciShield FAQ & Education pages.

Additional questions?

If you have any questions please email questions to the SciShield Manager.