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Occupational and Environmental Safety

SciShield / BioRAFT

Welcome to the Clemson University SciShield (Formerly called BioRAFT) resource page.

  • What is SciShield?

    Clemson University is now utilizing the intuitive SciShield (Formerly called BioRAFT) software management system to collect, organize and display real-time safety and compliance information. Commonly utilized at other top research universities, this system will save researchers time on safety and compliance tasks, allowing them to focus on their research, while helping the institution more easily manage risk. With SciShield, Clemson University will build a sustainable, protected database of people, spaces, hazards and job activities that will be the foundation for keeping our research community of faculty, students and staff safe across our all of campuses and sites.

    • Easily track inventories of chemicals and hazardous materials using Chemtracker and access to SDSs
    • Manage safety and other  research equipment
    • Streamline inspections and follow-up
    • Take online training and track training requirements and status for PIs and lab members
    • Easy access to safety documents and SOPs
  • Where can I learn to use SciShield?

    Please see our SciShield FAQ & Education pages.

  • How can I access Chemical Inventories using SciShield?

    Please access our SciSheld Education page.

  • What happened to BioRAFT?

    BioRAFT is now called SciShield after its manufacturer rebranded the product.

  • How do I obtain additional help?

    Please contact OES at:

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