Fig IV-1 Hazardous Waste Removal - Department Checklist


1. _____Each potential waste substance is identified and its container marked with the container contents and hazard(s).

2. _____The generator of the waste has confirmed that no further possible use of the substance exists within the department or in other Clemson University departments.

3. _____The waste is a hazardous waste according to the South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Regulations or after consultation with the Hazardous Materials Manager is declared hazardous.

4. _____The waste is not radioactive and does not contain PCBs.

5. _____The waste has been screened and categorized according to hazard type.

6. _____A label with the words “hazardous waste” (see “labeling and marking”, pg. 39 for exact verbiage required) has been affixed to each container, complete with the chemical name(s) and hazard(s).

7. _____A Hazardous Waste Removal Request form (Figure IV-2) has been prepared for each existing hazard category.

8. _____Each request has been copied. One copy for department records directed through the Faculty member responsible and/or Department Head, and the remaining copy has been affixed to the waste group while awaiting pick-up.

9. _____Each group of hazardous waste is being temporarily stored in accordance with safety requirements for that specific hazard category.