Non-Routine Activities

New Waste Streams

A new waste stream may be generated in three ways:

  • change in an existing process,
  • implementation of a new process, or
  • change in the regulations.

The generator, with the assistance of the Hazardous Materials Manager, is responsible for reviewing any new waste streams to determine if they will be subject to the hazardous waste management regulations. If the new waste stream is not excluded from regulation, analysis of a waste stream sample may be required. Laboratory work may include analysis for the hazardous waste characteristics outlines in Section II.

Knowledge of the process shall be applied to determine analytical needs. Analytical data will be reviewed to determine potential concerns of ignitability or reactivity during storage. The generator is responsible for appropriately characterizing all new waste streams generated in his area.

Professors, students and employees shall notify the Hazardous Materials Manager if new waste streams are to be generated.

Unlabeled Containers

The potential exists for containers of unknown material to be discovered. Without knowledge of the container contents, appropriate disposal options cannot be determined.

If an unidentified container is discovered, the following steps shall be taken:

  • Mark the container with the words “Awaiting Administrative Determination” and date the container.
  • Initiate a hazardous waste pickup.
  • Immediately notify the Hazardous Materials Manager to arrange for the container to be relocated to the Hazardous Waste Accumulation Building.
  • If laboratory analysis is required to appropriately characterize the waste material, a completed “Sample Out for Analysis” label shall be affixed to the side of the container (Figure VI-1).
  • If the material is determined to be a hazardous waste, label and date the container immediately, and properly dispose of the material within 90 days.

Figure VI-1 Sample Out-for-Analysis Label