Radiological Safety

ludlumThe South Carolina Department Of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has granted Clemson University a broad radioactive materials license plus other licenses authorizing the use of radioactive materials by approved University personnel. A broad radioactive materials license allows the use of many different radionuclides for a variety of tasks. The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), which is composed of individuals knowledgeable in the various applications of radiation, administers all University radiological activities. This committee must approve in advance all radioactive materials operations.

The Radiation Safety manual is part of the broad radioactive materials license granted to the University by the state, and as such cannot be altered without the approval of the Radiation Safety Committee and the state. Its purpose is to describe the operation of the radiation safety program and to provide guidance for the safe use of radioactive materials. The manual also describes the procedures required to purchase and receive radioactive materials. A copy of this manual will be provided to each Authorized User / Primary Investigator and each Radiation Worker, who are required to follow the procedures describe therein.

As part of its radiation safety philosophy, the University keeps all radiation exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). ALARA involves using all practical methods to not just keep exposures at or below regulatory limits, but to reduce all radiation exposures, or eliminate them entirely.

Training is required prior to beginning work with radioactive materials; to begin this process please contact the RSO Konstantin Povod at