Safety Video Clips

Here are some links to videos created either by our staff or outside sources that we feel are a useful resource:

Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals

Centrifugation Hazards

Chemical Hazards

Chemical Storage Hazards

Satellite Accumulation Area Compliance Tips (4 min)

Working with Pyrophoric Liquids (UCLA)

Safe Handling of pyrophoric materials

Experimenting with Danger

A Day in the Lab (UCSD)

Safety Showers

Emergency Eye Wash

Emergency Response

Eye Protection

Nitric Acid Wastes: Preventing Chemical Incompatibility Hazards

PPE Overview

Glassware Washing Hazards

Mercury Vapor 

Glove Removal Safety (UCLA)

Placing an Incubator or Oven Near the Biosafety Cabinet? (ESCO)

UC Berkeley EHS Eyewash Video

Outfit for Safety (ChemUCSD)

Nanotech Risks (Discovery)

How Can I Use a Gas Cylinder Safely? (Cornell)

How to Transport a Chemical Down the Hall Safely (Cornell)

What Wrecks Gloves

How to use a Glovebox

Why You Should Test Your Eyewash and Safety Showers (Cornell)

UCSD Outfit for Safety (PPE)

UC Berkeley Eyewash Video

How to use a Rotoavp

The Lab Safety Institute 

Videos such as Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals or Chemical Storage Hazards are now available for free on this page.

Lessons Learned:

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) today released a new safety video on the potential hazards associated with conducting research at chemical laboratories in academic institutions.  The 24-minute video focuses on three serious laboratory accidents:  the death of a lab research assistant in 2008 in a flash fire at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA); a death by accidental poisoning of a highly regarded Dartmouth College professor in 1997; and a 2010 explosion at Texas Tech University (TTU) that severely injured a graduate student, who lost three fingers in the blast and suffered eye damage. 


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Laboratory Ergonomics  PPE Basics  Secondary Containment  Basic Electrical Safety  Lone Worker

Fume Hood Basics  Gas Cylinder User  Glassware Handling  Mechanical Integrity  Vacuum Equipment

Nano-particle Safety  Chemical Labeling