Protective Equipment

Chemical hoods are an important engineering control to limit exposure to laboratory chemicals. Chemical hood commissioning and annual testing are the responsibility of the Office of Research Safety (RS) will coordinate chemical hood inspections. As hoods are tested annually, a sticker will be placed on each hood to indicate whether the hood passed or failed testing requirements. Hoods that pass inspection will have a sticker showing the test date, average velocity rates, etc. If the hood fails inspection, it will be posted with a Failed/Out of Service notice. Hoods that fail testing/certification must be repaired and re-tested before further use is allowed. The University Chemical Hygiene Officer is responsible for reporting and scheduling hoods for repair (submitting work order to Facilities). Once repairs have been made, Research Safety will re-test the hood.

If you determine that a hood in your lab is not functioning properly, contact the Research Safety Office to get the hood scheduled for repair.

Chemical hoods should be equipped with a continuous monitoring device. Hood users should check to ensure the device is functioning before using the hood. If the monitor/alarm is not functional, the Research Safety Office should be contacted to schedule repair or calibration, or for installation of a monitor for any hood that does not have one installed. All new hood installations must be equipped with a monitoring device. This must be specified in the purchase order.

Information and training on the proper use of a chemical hood is provided in the Lab Safety Manual and online Chemical Hygiene Training. In person training will also be provided by ORS upon request.

The selection of other protective equipment (i.e., safety glasses, goggles, lab coats, gloves, etc.) used in the lab is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or department chair. The proper function and maintenance of lab safety equipment such as eyewash/shower units, spill response equipment, fire extinguishers, etc., is also the responsibility of the Department Chair or Principal Investigator. General guidance for the selection and use of PPE is provided in the Lab Safety Manual. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their personal protective equipment is functioning properly and is properly maintained.