Use of Respirators

The use of engineering controls such as chemical hoods and other containment devices should be used whenever possible to prevent inhalation exposure to hazardous chemicals. Therefore, it is not normally necessary to use respirators in laboratory operations. However, if a lab operation is being conducted where lab personnel believe they need a respirator for protection, the Chemical Hygiene Officer should be contacted to conduct a workplace assessment. If the CHO recommends respiratory protection, then the individual or individuals will need to comply with the University Respiratory Protection Program.

Where the use of respirators is necessary to maintain exposure below permissible exposure limits (PELs) or the Threshold Value Limits (TLVs), whichever is lower, the department must provide, at no cost to the employee, the proper respiratory protective equipment. Respirators must be selected and used in accordance with the requirements of the Clemson University Respiratory Protection Program. Respirator users must be enrolled in the University Medical Surveillance Program and must be fit-tested for the respirator they are assigned.  Contact Environmental Safety within Facilities Services for additional information or fit-testing.